Shipping policy


The Supplies must be delivered DDP - Delivered Duty Paid customs clearance at the address specified in the Order. Ownership of the Supplies will be transferred upon delivery to the address indicated in the Order. The passage of the risk relating to the Supplies will pass to the Buyer at the time of delivery, according to the terms of delivery just indicated.

The delivery will be deemed to have taken place when the Supplier has delivered the goods (in terms of description, quality and quantity) to the address set out in the Order. For each delivery made by the Supplier, a shipping document containing the same information as the invoice must be obtained in duplicate by the Supplier, except for the indication of the price. The Order must be considered executed when: (i) all the Supplies have been delivered and / or supplied in accordance with the provisions of the Order and have been accepted by the Buyer; (ii) all the documents established in the Order and / or all the documents and certificates required for the implementation and maintenance of the Supplies in accordance with the provisions in force have been received and accepted by the Buyer.
Supplies must be delivered on the date indicated in the Order. Partial or anticipated deliveries will not be accepted without the prior written consent of the Buyer.


If the Supplier does not comply with the delivery schedule but the Buyer decides not to terminate the Order, the Buyer may request the Supplier, without prior notice, to pay a penalty in a sum equal to 1% of the Order value, excluding taxes , for each day of delay, up to a maximum, for each individual delay, equivalent to 10% of the value of the Order. There will be automatic compensation between the value of the penalties and any sum still owed by the Purchaser to the Supplier, whether these sums are due or not at the moment in which the compensation is made. The right of the Purchaser to request compensation for further damage is reserved, even in the event of application and payment of the penalty for late delivery.


If the Supplier delivers only a part of the Order or if only a part of the delivery complies with the provisions of the Order, the Purchaser may, at his choice, apply the provisions of the 'Article 4 limited to those parts of the Order that are not delivered or do not comply with the requirements set out in the Order.

In the event of a partial or non-compliant delivery, the provisions of this clause do not affect the Buyer's right to: (i) terminate the entire Order in accordance with the provisions of Article 16; (ii) claim compensation for any damage, loss, costs or expenses that he has incurred as a result of the Supplier's default; and / or (iii) request the application of penalties calculated on the total value of the Order, excluding taxes.


The Supplier will give the Purchaser or persons indicated by the Purchaser free access to its own plant or to that of its subcontractors / subcontractors or to any other place where operations related to the Order are carried out, with the aim of allow you to check the status of execution of the Order and its progress.

The personnel employed or appointed by the Supplier will in any case remain under the full responsibility of the Supplier even if, for the purpose to perform the obligations assumed with the Order, must work for the Buyer, or any of the Buyer's customers.


The Supplier is responsible for packing the Supplies and verifying that the Supplies are assembled, packaged and protected in suitable

The Supplier shall draw up an inventory for each shipment. The inventory must contain all the details necessary to identify the packages (details of the order, type and quantity of supplies, name of the carrier, details of the shipment) as set out in the Order.

In the event that the Supplies are damaged during their storage, transport, delivery or in any case before their acceptance, the Supplier undertakes to find and provide, at its own expense and peril, identical replacements for each damaged or lost item, within the terms set out in the delivery plan. The Purchaser, without prejudice to the exercise of rights or remedies provided by law due to such non-fulfillment, may, at his choice, (a) terminate the Order without notice or compensation; (b) reject the Supplies; (c) withhold payment in whole or in part. .