Refund Policy


The buyers, according to the law, can return the purchased goods within and no later than 14 days from the date of delivery certified by the courier. To request the return of the goods, simply send an email to specifying the order number in the notes.


1. The Supplier warrants to the Purchaser that the Supplies (i) are fully compliant with the provisions of the Order, specifications, projects and related documentation; (ii) comply with best industrial practices and applicable standards, as well as applicable legislation (including any export regulations); (iii) are free from any defect in design, materials, workmanship, construction or installation; and (iv) they are new and suitable for the use that the Purchaser intends to make of them.

2. The Warranty will have a minimum duration of two years, starting from the date on which the Supplies are put into service (Article 13).

3. The Supplier undertakes to promptly replace, at its expense, any defective part of the Supplies. Any part replaced, according to the provisions of the contractual guarantee or any other guarantee provided by law, will be subject to the same guarantee clause referred to in this Article 11. The costs of returning the defective parts to the Supplier will be borne by the Supplier. The Supplier undertakes to supply spare parts and any other part that may be required during the entire operation of the Supplies. If the Supplier fails to promptly remedy any defect or non-conformity, the Buyer may directly carry out all the necessary works, to be carried out at the Supplier's expense. 11.4. The Warranty period will be extended for the entire duration in which the Supplies are out of service, starting from the day on which the Purchaser has requested the Supplier to take action to remedy the defect or non-conformity until the date on which the Supplies in issue are put back into service. If a fundamental or main part of an item of the Supplies requires repair or replacement during the Warranty period, the extension and renewal of the Warranty will extend to the entirety of this item of the Supplies.


1. The Supplier will be liable to the Purchaser and any third party, and must indemnify and indemnify the Purchaser against any loss, damage, cost and expense of any nature (whether direct, indirect, material, intangible, physical or economic, and whether they are suffered by the Buyer, the Supplier or any third party), which derives from the violation by the Supplier of its obligations set out in the Order or from an unlawful act or non-fulfillment. The Supplier will be responsible for the consequences of its non-fulfillment even if attributable to its employees, managers, directors, agents, subcontractors and / or suppliers.